Last Friday the Huffington Post was so kind as to provide us with 12 self-care tips for dealing with the Kavanaugh confirmation. Since that apparently is traumatic for some people. We at the Liberty Cadre are firm advocates of mental health, so with that in mind we’re going to follow their noble example by providing 12 superior self-care tips of our own for those upset by Kavanaugh being confirmed.

  1. Practice Critical Thinking

Critical thinking is one of the most effective tools we have to realize that none of these accusers have actually been assaulted or otherwise mistreated by Brett Kavanaugh.

Conscious thinking can help pull us out of asinine political narratives by giving us a direct anchor to objective truth. Experts note that it’s important to think deeply using your brain, not your heart.

  1. Recognize your emotions and realize that you are being irrational

Naming insanity is the only way I have found to keep from drowning in it. I would describe the journey of not dying from laughter at all the leftist freakouts as a “process”.

Your feeling list probably consists of “incoherent rage”. Now that you’ve identified your incoherent rage, you can proceed to realize that it is irrational to be distraught over Brett Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court.

  1. Take a liberal media breather

The group think, toxic indignation, and incoherent rage is strong right now on the Huffington Post, Vox, Salon and the rest of the left-wing media. Taking a break from such nonsense will allow to reflect and realize “Hey these people are actually crazy.”

Then you can join us on the right and free thinking independents in trying not to die from laughter from seeing all the leftist salt being spewed as a result of Kavanaugh’s confirmation.

  1. Limit your left-wing News Consumption

I would encourage my triggered leftist readers not to watch or read left-wing news for awhile, or ever really, as it may cause you to believe ridiculous falsehoods like “people who support Kavanaugh are rape apologists”.

Staying away from leftist news can help you regain your rational thought capabilities and help you avoid feeding your worst emotional impulses. It also has the benefit of generally making you a happier, more intelligent human being.

  1. Empower yourself through Education and Rational Thought

It can be radically disempowering to see your party’s devious attempt to retain power on the Supreme Court by spreading a slew of false allegations fail miserably.

Rather than being despondent, angry, or simply and incorrectly assuming that your opponents hate women or support rape, attempting to understand your opponent’s position can significantly improve your mood, as you will realize that Kavanaugh supporters simply believe in the concept of innocent until proven guilty in the court of public opinion as well as literal court.

The following resource may be helpful in your journey to understand the Conservative viewpoint on Kavanaugh:

  1. Call my mom

Not your mom, my mom, because my mom is an incredibly intelligent woman who understood from the start that the accusations against Kavanaugh were nonsense while miraculously still believing that rapists should be punished. She’ll give you much better advice than your own mother who obviously failed by allowing you to grow into a bitter, illogical, screeching mess of a human being

  1. Recognize the positive potential for the new Supreme Court

If you’re feeling down take a moment to realize all the good that can come from conservatives having a majority on the Supreme Court. Our Constitution will now be interpreted as the framers intended and the court will return to it’s purpose of interpreting law rather than creating it. Also Roe v. Wade might get overturned which could eventually save the lives of thousands of unborn children!

  1. Don’t be afraid to read opposing viewpoints

Leftists everywhere have found themselves triggered by news reports falsely claiming that a rapist was confirmed to the Supreme Court and that Republicans and anyone who supports Kavanaugh hates women and supports rape. These views and their widespread circulation among the left causes me great concern on the mental health impact of my left-wing friends.

I recommend that anyone feeling particularly triggered by current events reach out to conservative friends and family to help you process the “new” emotions you are feeling that actually are exactly the same as what you felt as when Trump won, when net neutrality was repealed, when tax reform passed, or any number of events that were supposed to be the end of the world and have not been.

  1. Find a healthy purpose

I encourage leftists to fill their time by serving a healthy purpose in life. Not screeching about patriarchy or promoting Marxist nonsense, but serving the needs of others via individual action rather than wishing for the government to do something.

Of course we can all use a lighthearted break from being productive members of society at some point. I would recommend Steven Crowder, South Park, and the Babylon Bee. Not only are all 3 outrageously funny, they also do a great job of pointing out the insanity of leftist ideology that you would have just freed yourself from.

  1. Have a few drinks

Brett Kavanaugh really likes beer. So crack open a cold one to celebrate an innocent man overcoming an obvious smear campaign to sit on the Supreme Court! Cheers!

  1. Call Jordan Peterson

If you’re seriously traumatized over Kavanaugh being confirmed to the Supreme Court, you probably should actually seek help from a professional. So who better to help you realize the insanity of the postmodernist marxist narratives you’ve obviously bought into than America’s favorite Canadian psychologist Jordan Peterson? Clean your room!

  1. Make an appointment with Jesus

In all seriousness, there is no better means of self-care in this life or the next than to connect with our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.  A relationship with Jesus will allow you to realize how flawed all of us are, and give you an understanding that there are far more important things than who gets appointed to the Supreme Court and our emotional reactions to political events. You can learn more about Jesus here.