Written by Urban Outreach Director, Nzinga Johnson who works on the Roger W. Allison Campaign 

I’ll be the first to say that when I found that everything I thought about the Democrats was wrong it shook me. I was finally hearing the truth about the history of the relationship between Black Americans and the Democratic Party and I was taken aback.

Wait, I’m not oppressed?

Hold up, I can succeed in this country?

Excuse me, systemic racism doesn’t exist?

Yes, it got that real for me.

Have you ever been in a terrible relationship? Most of us can relate to the feelings of betrayal, a tinge of guilt and waves of depression. Once the relationship comes to a tragic end you realize, “Wait a second, I’m better off without them!” Then, of course, you’re on your knees thanking God that you saw the reality of the situation and got out before more damage could be done. That is how 2017 and 2018 has been for me. I am perpetually thanking God that I am no longer involved with the Left. You can share in the same freedom too!

Let me clarify: I don’t believe that all Democrats are now my crazy ex. There are many Democrats that have nothing but good intentions. Some are my friends. Some I go to church with, babysit their kids, and we have coffee together, etc. Unfortunately, most of the solutions they come up with suck; they just don’t work. For example, in 1949 a Democratic policy, called minimum wage hurt young black workers. According to Thomas Sowell, inflation made the Federal minimum wage meaningless. In 1948, black teenage unemployment was less than 10%, right underneath their white peers. It wasn’t until Liberals implemented minimum wage that they saw “Horrendous rates of unemployment among black teenagers.” When it comes to American lives, good intentions ain’t good enough.

There are Democrats that are in politics to help American citizens. You better believe, though, that there are movers and shakers in the Democratic party that do not have good intentions towards the masses- the poor, the homeless, the drug addicted. The only intentions that they have are staying in power for many generations to come. Don’t believe me? Well, Lyndon B. Johnson, former Democratic President of the United States, told the world of his intentions in 1964 when he said, “I’ll have those niggers voting Democratic for the next 200 years.” The quote was said during the time of Johnson’s “War on Poverty” whereby he created Medicaid, Medicare, expanded Social Security, and created the Food Stamps Program (among other things). Considering his quote from above, it is safe to say that former President Johnson’s intentions were completely impure.

Need another example?

Margaret Sanger, a Progressive Democrat and founder of Planned Parenthood said, “We don’t want the word to get out that we want to exterminate the Negro population…” Sanger, a Democratic leader, said this as if we (black Americans) are pests, rodents and insects to be caught in a trap and put out of our misery. Sadly, black parents have fallen into this trap. Seventeen million black babies have been aborted since Planned Parenthood’s conception, something we learned from our friend, Candace Owens.

It seems to me that there have been traps laid out for Black Americans since slavery, and Democrats have always been the ones setting the snares. Fifty years of left-wing policies have left most of my brothers and sisters broken. We are lost in a cycle of being generational welfare recipients, having out of wedlock births, gun violence, gentrification, unemployment, drug addiction, mass incarceration and abortion.

Let me bring this issue a little closer to home: Here, in North Carolina- District 1, there is a sitting Congressman by the name of G.K. Butterfield. It’s time to BREAKUP WITH BUTTERFIELD and bring in fresh, new leadership! There is a man by the name of Roger W. Allison who is challenging Butterfield for the Congressional seat in District 1. The current Congressman has done nothing to help the black community in Durham, North Carolina since he has been in office (2004). As a matter of fact, he has been a snare setter himself.  In future articles, I will go into more detail on why Allison is not only the right choice for District 1 but the righteous choice. Allison believes in Judeo-Christian values and lives those values every day to the best of his ability. Butterfield is toxic to the district he has sworn to represent. My mission is to expose his toxicity in every way until November 8!

According to the Herald Sun, since 2010, median household income levels in the city of Durham have risen more than 40%. The median house value rose by more than 25%. These stats scream gentrification. When asked by Herald Sun reporters, “So, can a place be successful but not have gentrification?” City Manager, Tom Bonfield answered, “No one has figured it out yet.”

I wonder if no one has figured it out yet because Durham’s “revitalization” was planned ten years ago. The cities leaders can’t possibly stop progress, especially with Durham being on lists called “Top Ten US Cities To Live In.”

This is the legacy of Progressive, Leftist, Democratic, ill-intentioned policies. This is the legacy of Butterfield leadership. I could go on listing reasons why Durham should finally break up with Butterfield. But I will leave you with this final one: There is a better man out there for you! His name is Allison. I have sat across from this man several times and spoken to him about the condition of District 1. I watched him have dinner with a Democrat. When he sat down he pulled out his reading glasses, a pen and a notebook, all in order to come up with solutions to the gentrification problem in Durham, North Carolina. He didn’t care about party lines, he cared about the people! Isn’t that what we want in a leader anyway? If we are too caught up in the package our help comes from, what are the consequences? Another generation of unemployed, incarcerated black men? Another generation of welfare recipient single mothers? Another generation of fatherless homes? Before you go to the polls this November ask yourself, “Is voting solely based on partisanship worth the price the black community may pay?”