Dear Pro-Choice Advocate,

Let me start out by saying that just because we may disagree doesn’t mean I hate you. In fact, I care enough to say something.

For the last several years, on television, I’ve heard phrases like “Love yourself” and “Self-love”. It’s a nice concept that we’ve accepted. The problem with this being pushed in society is that now we love ourselves too much. We love ourselves so much that we forget about how our actions affect others. We’ve become the center of our own worlds and what we want is more important than anything else. I believe this is why we’ve grown callous to the reality of abortion. It’s why we don’t bat an eyelash when babies are dismembered in the second- trimester or that their brains are vacuumed out in third-trimester abortions. It doesn’t matter because everything is about what we want.

There isn’t even a valid argument for abortion that has not been debunked. Claims that the babies don’t feel pain have been debunked. Claims that it isn’t a human being have been debunked. You can simply look for pictures of babies in the womb on the internet and see that it is, in fact, a baby.

When a woman gets pregnant, the baby’s DNA runs through the mother’s bloodstream. So, why is this still an argument? Because we’ve grown callous. We care more about the comfort of our own lives than we care for the lives of the most vulnerable in society, and we have the audacity to call it “Women’s Rights”. I will never understand the outrage over Cecil the Lion a few years back when, right in our own neighborhoods, babies die every day and we advocate for it.

I feel for every mother that has to make this decision; I know that it is not easy. You may feel pressure from a boyfriend or husband, a friend, a parent, etc. But, doesn’t that baby at least deserve the right to be carried to full term, delivered and given to a family that will love him or her? I know it wasn’t in your plans but life is always unpredictable. We can’t devalue a person’s life simply because of the lack of money or lack of comfort. We are better than this as a society. So let us be better.


Dear Pro-Choice Advocate,

If I told you I was pregnant and, with every intent to have my baby, continued to snort cocaine you would most likely tell me “Don’t do that! You could hurt the baby!” If I told you I was pregnant and, with every intent to have my baby, daily drank vodka, you might look at me with disgust and think, “Wow. How irresponsible and reckless!” If I told you that I was pregnant and, with every intent to have my baby, often instigated fist fights unconcerned of my child’s health, you might call me selfish and unfit for motherhood. Who in their right mind would do something like that? Yet, if I told you I was 2 months pregnant and, having no intent on keeping my child, opted to allow a procedure that would kill my baby, you would, by your own confession, give your whole-hearted support.

That same baby you condemned the addict, the drunkard, and the fighter of not protecting, is the same baby you are now reducing to “just a fetus” or “clump of cells and tissue”. That same baby you had compassion on because of the lack of concern from the mother, is the same baby you have now condemned to death without “a choice”.

As a young woman, I understand I have rights to my body; but I also understand I have to give that same right to an unborn child. I value and recognize the sanctity of human life even if it’s only at the “cells and tissue” stage. I know if I have sex, I must be willing to accept the potential of becoming pregnant and take steps necessary to care for a child. I am willing to accept responsibility for my actions and give even our littlest humans “a choice”.


Dear Pro-Choice Advocate,

Knowledge of human history is power. That power is to learn. To learn and correct mistakes from the past to make a better future. Humans are notorious for making mistakes and the next generation of humans are notorious for repeating those same mistakes. It’s a cycle of absurdity, violence, tyranny and pain.

My question to you is, when will we, as Americans, learn from the generation that has come and gone? Did we learn nothing from slavery in America? In the land of the free, the law deemed an entire people group as less valuable because of their race. Presently, we are deeming babies in the womb (and out of the womb depending on the state you live) as less valuable because they are unwanted.

I urge you to reconsider your position. Many of the same arguments used today in favor of abortion are the same that was used in favor of slavery. One argument was that a slave wasn’t a human. Today that argument has been recycled, in that, fetuses aren’t viable humans. Another is that violence committed against slaves were lawfully protected because of the right to privacy. That set precedent for the termination of an unwanted child.

Many vehemently argued in favor of slavery and thought it the end of the South as they knew it if the abolitionists had their way. Today pro-choice activists think it the end of women’s rights if abortion were outlawed. I disagree, just as we have come to see the evil of slavery, we will see the evil of abortion and celebrate, together as a country, the day abortion was abolished.

Choose to put the baby up for adoption, don’t choose to kill. Choose to fund organizations that help women in dire situations, not to shut them down. Choose to end the legacy of Margaret Sanger, not to carry her mantle.

Choose life.