In Part 1 of this piece, we discussed the first two premises that underlie the theory of White Privilege, which state that there are advantages possessed by certain individuals or groups in American society, and these advantages are inherent or not learned or earned by the individual or group in question. Now we’ll discuss the final two premises, which claim that the previously discussed advantages are exclusive to persons with white skin and that America is a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice.

The third premise is where the concept of White Privilege really starts to fall apart. We have established that there are advantages possessed by individuals or groups in American society and that some of these advantages are inherent. The problem is that the evidence does not support the conclusion that skin color determines who has these advantages. It is rarely asserted by proponents of privilege theory that white people have any biological advantages over people of other races so biological advantages that might be attributed to particular groups are irrelevant here. Let’s begin then with the example discussed in the 2nd premise involving black children being more likely to grow up with less wealth due to the lingering effects of past racist policies. Some have argued that this is proof positive that white people have inherent advantages because of their skin color even if they are born in 2018. Such an argument is mistaken for the simple reason that in 2018, the advantage would be the wealth itself, not skin color. While the wealth disparity is affected by past racist policies, it is a horribly misleading oversimplification to say that simply having white skin gives you an advantage in life. Even studies that are cited as proof of the existence of white skin privilege such as a 2004 study (found here) concluding that people with “black sounding” names such as Lakisha are less likely to be called back for interviews, do not actually prove that skin color is the causative factor in the phenomenon being measured. What the study actually proves, if anything, is the employers in question were biased based on name preference, not skin color. So at best “White Privilege” is an oversimplification of what is really occurring. Furthermore, Asian Americans fare better than White Americans in key economic areas such as median income, and employment rate, yet no one argues that Asian-Americans benefit from Asian privilege. So even if we accept that there are inherent advantages in society because of skin color, the data shows that these privileges are not exclusive to people with white skin.
Now let’s address the final premise which is that America is a society characterized by racial inequality and injustice. To be sure, there was a time where this was undeniably true. Pre-Civil Rights Act Era America was absolutely plagued by both de facto and de jure racism. Today, however, you would be hard-pressed to prove with anything other than anecdotes that nationwide systematic racism exists. The lone potential exception would be the drug war, as possession of crack, more often abused by black Americans carries a harsher punishment than powder cocaine, which is more commonly used by white people. Even in this case, it’s hard to prove that this disparity was caused by racism, rather than a perception by Congress that crack is more harmful than powder cocaine. This is not to say that there are no areas of the country where the police or judges exhibit racial bias, as there may indeed be some that are. The evidence for making that claim on a nationwide level, however, is scant. If modern America is so characterized by racial inequality and injustice that why is being a racist about the most stigmatized thing you can be? Nobody wants to befriend a racist, nobody wants to hire a racist, and understandably so. People bend over backward to avoid and make-up for even the slightest suspicion of racial bias. Unless that bias is against white people, because of course, we don’t matter. A perfect example of this is the black gentleman who went to Starbucks asking for free coffee because he heard Starbucks was racist, which Starbucks proceeded to give him. Of course, that gentleman is actually a conservative activist attempting to demonstrate the absurdity of the whole situation and he succeeds spectacularly. Ponder the scenario for a moment; a Starbucks location, that had nothing in common with the location that actually had the two black men arrested, gave free coffee to a man that had in no way been wronged by Starbucks; except for possibly being horribly overcharged for average at best coffee the same as the rest of us; simply because he was black and cited the other store’s racism. Therefore to say that modern America as a whole can be accurately characterized by racial inequality and injustice is asinine.

Overall, while there is truth to be found in some of the premises underlying the White Privilege concept, as a whole the concept is mostly nonsense because almost every individual or group in the United States has an advantage that another does not. Trying to point fingers at white people or anybody else in some kind of privilege Olympics is an asinine waste of time. The concept of White Privilege serves little functional purpose other than to make white people feel bad for things most of us had nothing to do with and to convince black people they are victims so they will support the Marxist ideology. Anyone truly interested in improving the lives of Black Americans, or anyone else for that matter, should reject this concept and the Marxist ideology behind it.