Megan Rapinoe, co-captain of the US Women’s Soccer team, told Yahoo Sports that she would “probably never sing the national anthem again”. Rapinoe kept that promise on Tuesday when she stood silently as America’s National Anthem played just before the U.S. dominated Thailand in a 13-0 run. No one is safe from social justice, and it has now infected women’s soccer.

Megan Rapinoe

Rapinoe, 33, is a lesbian and a fully grown social justice warrior who has taken on the fight for the next generation of female soccer players to have equal pay and equal popularity to men’s sports. Not only that, but she also believes that protesting the American National Anthem on the world stage is a hard, but noble cross to bear.

According to Yahoo Sports, she was the first white athlete to kneel during the National Anthem around the time of the Colin Kaepernick fiasco. This protest led the NFL and the U.S. Soccer Federation to enact a rule that all players are to ‘stand in honor of the flag’.

Rapinoe didn’t agree with the Federation’s rule saying that it was made without talking to her. She believes the rule is “pretty cowardly” and that it used “blanketed patriotism as a defense”. The soccer player would rather have “a conversation… to figure out a [solution] that makes sense for everyone”.

At the core of Rapinoe, she truly believes there is something wrong with America, especially when it comes to women. She said, in a promo video for VISA, that “Pay equality has brought in a bigger conversation. It’s really about systematically how we think about, well women in general, but narrow it down to sports, like how we think about women’s sports”. The “we” in her quote is quite obviously referring to America. She believes that “women have a collective injustice” to fight.

Mary Ann Reilly

Rapinoe is not alone with her sentiments. Mary Ann Reilly, SVP of North America Marketing at VISA spearheaded the partnership between U.S. soccer teams and VISA. The company has made a “substantial investment” with at least half of the investment going to women’s soccer. In Reilly’s own words “Women athletes and women’s sports, in general, are underrepresented in marketing and in promotion and that contributes to gender inequality. So we have to make sure we are helping to close that gap.” The goal of the partnership, well at least 50% of it, is to “develop world class players, coaches and referees, and increasing fan engagement”.

Both Rapinoe and Reilly feel it their duty to stand up for the next generation of women. Rapinoe says she is “using her platform to fight for the next generation of soccer players”. Reilly says, “Brands can and should make a stand by making decisions that reflect their values…”

Social justice warriors with platforms such as the two ladies above are much more loyal to causes like gender equality, closing the gender pay gap, and creating a bigger platform for women’s sports than they are loyal to America and it’s national values. Hence the reason Rapinoe is more likely to be seen waving the LGBTQ flag than the American flag.

Rapinoe, like many other social justice warriors, identify with their gender and sexuality before than they identify with their nation of origin. They adopt this line of thinking neglecting the fact that if it weren’t for American fundamental values many of the liberties they take for granted would not exist.

America is the freest nation on the planet. This fact is not because America is perfect, but because, from the very beginning, America was set up to become a place of liberty. The nation makes mistakes and is continually “ironing out the kinks of justice” with each generation. But no social justice warrior can find a more free nation with as much equality between the sexes as America.

This nation is so free that leftists have to search for or create reasons to be outraged or reasons to protest American values, symbolism, and tradition. Many with the same ideology as Rapinoe do not want to improve America they want to destroy it on a fundamental level. This is what makes Rapinoe and others like her, un-American.