Just a few short days ago, The Gillette Company decided to release an advertisement titled, “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”. Since then, this ad has received a lot of backlash on social media outlets because of phrases used like “toxic masculinity” within the video. (If you haven’t seen it, I encourage you to take a look here.)

Many are upset because throughout the clips of a child running away from “bullies”, a man reaching out to touch a woman’s butt, and little boys fighting, the writers equated these things to masculinity.

NEWS FLASH: Fighting, bullying, and sexual harassment do not equate to masculinity. Men AND women have done these things. Commiting these acts has nothing to do with sex. Evil and perversion do not favor a gender. Click To Tweet


Those in favor of the video don’t see anything wrong with terms such as “toxic masculinity”. I shared an article on Facebook that was written against the video; in the comment section I was told it was about “men encouraging one another to have a higher standard” and not about the feminist agenda to man-bash.


After that particular Facebook debate, I decided to do some research…


Guess what I found out?

According to an article written by Breitbart, the video was directed by Kim Gehrig, “a left-wing activist whose boss, Sally Campbell, is an outspoken women’s rights advocate”. Gehrig is responsible for many more left-leaning ads. According to Breitbart, “She produced a film that attacked Australian men as steroid-soaked he-men who had a warped view of manhood.” She is also responsible for an ad for women’s intimate apparel. The message was for “women to not worry about the ‘male gaze’”.


What does all of this tell you? This is not men telling each other to “do better”. This is women targeting manhood and masculinity by labeling it as evil. That’s the agenda.