After two long years of investigating whether or not there was any “collusion” between Donald Trump and Russia, Robert Mueller’s probe has finally come to an end. Mueller finally delivered his closing report to the Justice Department earlier yesterday.

While Attorney General William Barr is apparently still reviewing the report as of this writing, multiple media outlets are reporting that, per a senior Justice department official, the report includes no additional recommendations for indictments. This means that whatever evidence against Trump, included in the report, was not convincing enough for Mueller to recommend further charges. CBS News reports that the principal conclusions of the report will be made public, though whether that will be enough to satisfy the calls for full transparency from lawmakers on both sides of the aisle remains to be seen.

Regarding the release of the report, President Trump is quoted as saying “I don’t mind. I mean, frankly, I told the House, ‘If you want, let them see it,’”. While Congressional Democrats may continue to investigate based on the report’s findings, for now it appears that accusations of  “collusion” with Russia levelled at Donald Trump ultimately amounts to a tall glass of nothing.