The following is an impassioned response to a Washington Post opinion piece published on Friday of last week entitled: Thanks for not raping us, all you ‘good men.’ But it’s not enough.

I internally yelled at my computer screen the other day. Not woman-leave-me-be yell. Not why-isn’t-the-house-clean yell. This was really yelling. This was 30 seconds of my-sports-team-is-losing yelling. Triggered by an insane, thoughtless, asinine Washington Post article. A really frustrating article. The straw of stupid that broke the camel’s back. My rage broke faster than a Vegeta realizing somebody stole his Dragonball. I’m still amazed by what this feminist wrote. I am only 28 years old. I am a millennial. I am supposed to be numb to stupidity on the internet. Yet, in that roiling moment, internally screaming at my computer screen as if it represented every screeching third-wave feminist on the planet (and myself, representing every sensible man and woman resisting this nonsense in 2018), I felt an utter sense of despair that anyone would find third-wave feminism respectable. If a man wrote an article this ridiculous and bitter about women, feminists would enthusiastically scream “sexist”!

I stifled an incredulous laugh. I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t believe that a national news outlet had published such emotional drivel. I sat dumbfounded and I read. For a moment, it occurred to me to be grateful that the women in my life are not bitter, irrational feminists. Then the righteous indignation welled up inside me as I realized the pathetic impotence of nice men’s plan to appease third-wave feminists by conforming to their toxic ideology. As the author’s rage rushed through the whites of my eyes, toppling every vestige of sanity, or logic, I realized one of the most sobering truths I’ve ever pondered: Men are incapable of pleasing third-wave feminists. No amount of empathy, no amount of respect, no amount of self-restraint, no amount of listening, no amount of believing sexual assault accusers, no amount of labor pain simulators, no amount of “strong female characters” in media, no amount of denouncing “toxic masculinity”, no amount of making ourselves more feminine, no amount of women in positions of power, no amount of tearing down traditional gender norms will ever make modern feminists like Victoria Bissell Brown happy.

Truth allergic hags.

In the centuries of past feminist movements that have come and gone, including the ones that have achieved genuinely admirable things, none have ever organized themselves around the toxic combination of resentment, Marxism, Postmodernism, and moral relativism in the way that third-wave feminism has. Third-wave feminists show no interest in improving themselves or attacking the mean-spirited, man-hating, bitterness that passes for modern-day feminism. Not once. Truth allergic hags. We damn sure won’t listen to you. Show some respect to the men who built the western civilization for once. The same civilization that allows you the freedom to write asinine articles detailing your emotional abuse of the men who love you.

The opening shots in the gender war that feminists so desperately want to break out are being fired all over the internet. This irrational hatred has escaped from the Gender Studies departments where it’s been festering. It is poisoning minds all around us and soon there will be no place that is safe from this destructive ideology. Not just hatred of gender norms but hatred of the very concepts of traditional masculinity and femininity. Hatred of men, free-thinking women, humor, and the most chilling of all: truth itself. When feminists proclaim that they are speaking “their truth” every reasonable man and woman can see that “their truth” bears no resemblance to the objective truth.

No third-wave feminist right now understands how sick reasonable people are of their nonsense, and only the feminists in the deepest denial believe that the modern-day incarnation of their movement is anything but utter contempt for men and the truth.

When normally meek men like Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC.) give bold, impassioned speeches about how an innocent man is being smeared by baseless accusations, I don’t know whether to cheer enthusiastically or despair over how bad things must be for such a man to speak out. Think about “#BelieveAllWomen” as a rallying war cry. It says to men: The smearing of Kavanaugh’s good name is only the beginning, third-wave feminism will not stop until it has sucked every ounce of masculinity and joy from you. It will tear down every pillar of logic and reason until our mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and all reasonable women are just as illogical, bitter, and miserable as third-wave feminists are, and it will do nothing to heal the damage left in its wake.

Pay attention third-wave feminists: Good men will no longer sit idly by like the beta males drained of all masculinity you think you so desperately want us to be. We will resist your toxic, truth allergic ideology at every turn. Not just for ourselves, but for the women who love us and with their love, grace, and strength of character encourage us to stand up and be the providers and protectors we were created to be. For ourselves and our mothers, sisters, wives, girlfriends, and female friends who love freedom, wisdom, and truth, we will fight this vile incarnation of feminism until we are overcome and mined for our jokes and semen in a Martian prison. We will stand firm in faith to our Father in Heaven and his perfect design for men and women to support each other with our unique traits and together be something better than we could ever be separate. Mansplaining complete. Thanks for your opinion, “feminists”. But we don’t care.