Amid catastrophic events in Venezuela yesterday, the Trump administration says “all options are on the table” concerning the United States of America’s intervention in the South American country.

New York Post: Government military police officers confront pro-Guaido demonstrators in Caracas, Venezuela.

Venezuela has been in turmoil long before yesterday, April 30, 2019. The beginning stages were implemented in 1998 with Hugo Chavez, who made “deep and progressive changes in the country”. Chavez funded social programs with ample amounts of cash. Under Chavez’s movement “El Chavismo” there were high international oil prices, which made Venezuela wealthy.

President Maduro of Venezuela

On the other hand, then President Hugo Chavez “eroded Venezuela’s democratic institutions and consolidated power in the executive… Over three administrations, his government eroded civil liberties, particularly freedom of speech and independence of media.”

The people, although having fewer rights, were ecstatic to have the government fund social programs but this was short lived.

2017 Riots In Venezuela

Nikolas Maduro used the power Chavez took from the people and ran with it. According to “oil prices have fallen consistently during Maduro’s reign, cutting government revenue.” Meaning, all those promises Chavez made to take care of the people could no longer be fulfilled because the government was broke. The article went on to say, “Maduro’s mishandling of the national economy led to widespread poverty and mass civil unrest in 2015.”

Left: Juan Guaido
Right: Nicolas Maduro

Now Venezuela is in more turmoil each day. Yesterday Juan Guaido, who is opposing Maduro for the presidency, called Venezuelans who are resisting Maduro’s regime to arms. The Washington Post reported that Guaido announced yesterday’s act as the “Final Phase” in “Operation Freedom to “take Maduro out of office”. Protests broke out all over the country and Maduro loyalists responded with fury. There is a video circulating showing the Venezuelan military running over its own citizens with an armored vehicle.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger

Stories like that, among many others, have moved the hearts of American leadership. Representative Adam Kinzinger spoke with Fox News yesterday arguing that it was time America get involved with the situation in Venezuela. He stated that fifty thousand Venezuelans cross the Colombian border every day just to buy milk. He also explained that the Maduro regime has shut down public transportation and internet use across the country. Kinzinger said, “The future of our hemisphere is a stake”

Representative Kinzinger is not the only one calling for the United States to have military action to aid the Venezuelan people. Governor Rick Scott said, “It’s time for action”. In a video The Miami Herald posted, Governor Scott described the Venezuelan situation as ‘genocide’ several times.

Governor Rick Scott of Florida

Governor Scott believes that Venezuela could lead to another Syria type of situation. Scott, like Representative Kinzinger, believes that there should be military aid from the U.S. to “deliver aid to the people and defend freedom and democracy as well as U.S. national security interests in our(America’s) hemisphere.”

There may be other options to aid the Venezuelan people. Erik Prince, a billionaire who founded Blackwater security firm has “lobbied for thousands of his mercenaries to be deployed to Venezuela to break the stalemate that has settled between President Nicolas Maduro and his U.S. backed rival, Juan Guaido.” This was reported by Newsweek yesterday.

Erik Prince, Founder of Blackwater

Prince’s team of up to 5000 mercenaries would consist of Hispanic of Spanish speakers Peruvians, Ecuadorians and Colombians, so they would be inconspicuous infiltrating the country.

Prince has spoken to high ranking individuals in the Trump administration as well as “wealthy Venezuelans living in exile to build support for his plan”. He also estimates that the mission would cost approximately $40 million dollars. Prince believes that this idea will not only work in Venezuela but in many other countries and situations as well.

According to Reuters, an “anonymous source said, “Trump’s administration would not support a plan of this nature”.