Last week shockwaves went through twitter as President Trump utilized the social media platform to tell America of his newest proposal concerning the border. The proposal, the one in which Democrats have dubbed “bizarre and unlawful”, is a simple one: Take the migrants at the border and place them in sanctuary cities all over America. The reaction? Democrats have gone absolutely nuclear!

The problem on the border has been burgeoning for quite some time. At this point, there isn’t enough room in detention and holding centers to facilitate the number of people trying to cross the border. Rio Grande Valley Sector Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch said, “Much media attention has been focused on caravans coming across from Central America, but the fact is that RGV is receiving caravan- equivalent numbers every seven days.” Even an “Obama-era Border Patrol Chief Mark Morgan told senators that the U.S. is “experiencing a crisis at the southern border at a magnitude never seen in modern times.’”

RGV is receiving caravan- equivalent numbers every seven days

Chief Patrol Agent Rodolfo Karisch

The Democrats have said that Trump is obsessed with the border. They’ve even gone so far as to say that what Trump calls a crisis is actually a “manufactured crisis”. Well, when reports from border security officials say that people from literally all over the world are crossing hemispheres so that they can enter the U.S. illegally Trump and those on the right may have a good reason to be obsessed with this issue. Karisch has reported that he and his team have arrested people from “50 different countries, including China, Bangladesh, Turkey, Egypt, and Romania”.

With all that knowledge and more, not to mention having the Democrats buck him at every turn, Trump cleverly came up with a plan to give some relief to Border Patrol Officials. Democrats have constantly used an emotional argument when it comes to the border. They claim there is no crisis, and even make cities in their districts and states a place of refuge and safety for all illegal immigrants running from ICE. With this new proposal the Democrats will have to put their money where their mouths are. And what do Dems do to counter Trump’s proposal? They call it racist, mean, and a political tactic.

Check out these quotes from Democrats are Leftists concerning the whole ordeal:

Bennie Thompson, House Homeland Security Committee Chairman

“The fact that this idea was even considered- not once but twice- serves as a reminder that the Trump Administration’s reckless immigration agenda is not about keeping the country safe, but about partisan politics and wantonly inflicting cruelty.”

Senator Edward J. Markey, (D), Massachusetts

“Trump’s plan to release migrants into ‘enemy’ cities as if they were some kind of contagion is reprehensible. Trump is obsessed with the border and sanctuary cities because he only wins by dividing people.”

Janet Murguria, President of UNIDOSUS

“ It seems that not only is President Trump attempting to utilize human beings, who have already experienced a traumatic situation, as tools to get back at political foes, but as a vehicle to further divide communities by stroking racial tensions.”

George Gascon, District Attorney of San Francisco, CA

“… the clearest sign yet that the president fully intends to chart a path to re-election on the back of racist rhetoric and policies intended to divide us.”

Whether the proposal takes place or not, Trump is cleverly making Democrats show their hand as they refuse to accept illegal immigrants into their sanctuary cities. The compassionate, accepting and tolerant left are showing their true colors. Get your popcorn, fire up your twitter app and watch the drama play out!